World’s biggest AquaDom Aquarium containing 1500 fish bursts in Berlin

Berlin's AquaDom Aquarium bursts on Friday, it contained about 1 million liters (264,172) of salt water and 1500 fish.

In a shocking incident, the world’s largest free-standing cylindrical aquarium “AquaDom” burst on Friday morning. It has spilled over 1 million liters (264,172) of salt water and 1500 fish into the hotel lobby in Berlin, Germany.

Images shared by tourists and emergency crews showed shards of the 16-meter-tall cylinder filling the entrance hall of the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin’s eastern outskirts, near the main cathedral and the Alexanderplatz square.

According to the police, there was “incredible maritime damage,” and two people were injured by glass shards. Images on social media revealed extensive damage in the hotel’s foyer as well.

Berlin’s fire department stated that more than 100 firefighters were present, and it was unclear what caused the break.

The aquarium was renovated two years ago, and a clear walled lift was built inside for visitors to use. Some of the hotel rooms were also open to the views of it.

The Karl-Liebknecht street outside the hotel had been closed due to “an extreme amount of water on the roads,” reported Berlin’s public transportation authority.

According to the officials, a massive amount of water was flowing into the nearby streets, and drivers in the area were said to exercise caution.

On Friday morning, videos posted to social media showed the ample amount of damage caused to the aquarium, resulting in the tank getting empty and water pouring out of the pipes into the foyer.

Watch the video of the damage:

The website announced that the attraction was temporarily closed and asked visitors to reschedule their tickets.

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