Will Earth Be Destroyed In An Asteroid Collision on 29th of April 2020!

Bhubaneswar: A very big asteroid will pass close to Earth on 29th of April.  People across the world are presently in dilemma over the collision of the Asteroid with Earth.

The dimensions of the asteroid is 1.8 km wide and 4 km in length. In simpler terms, the size of the asteroid is roughly 10 times that of Himalayas. The estimated time of the asteroid passing earth is 4:28 pm in the evening.

The name of Asteroid is (52768) 1998 OR2  and was discovered in the year 1998.  The Asteroid will pass at a distance of 4 million miles (6 million km) which is about 16 times the Earth-moon distance. Considering the size of the asteroid there are chances that it can cause widespread destruction of an entire geographical region. However the probability of destruction is very low.

The last incident of widespread destruction due to Asteroid happened in 30th June 1908 in Siberia region of Russia.

According to Scientific study, crores of asteroids in the Solar system are attracted towards Earth due to the gravitational pull. However almost every asteroid gets reduced to ashes due to the presence of different atmosphere layers around it. Hence the asteroid passing Earth on March 29 is less likely to cause any damage.



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