‘We have shown that we can defeat Russians, but we still need more weapons’: Ukraine’s FM

Kiev: The success of the counteroffensive shows that Ukraine can defeat Russia, but more weapons are needed, a Reuters report citing Dmytro Kuleba, Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, at a press conference with his German counterpart, Annalena Baerbock on Sunday.

Kuleba said that some allies initially hesitated to provide Ukraine with weapons, citing the risk of angering Russian President Vladimir Putin, but “now, thank God, we no longer hear that argument … We have demonstrated that we are capable of defeating the Russian army. We are doing it with these armaments,” he added “the more weapons we get, the faster we will prevail against Russians, and the faster this war will end.”

As Reuters report said that Baerbock promised further military assistance and did not rule out the supply of Western-style battle tanks.

The Ukrainian army launched a counteroffensive on the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine, Ukrainska Pravda reported.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have liberated an estimated 2,000 square km of the territory of Ukraine from the Russian occupiers since the beginning of September.

In the vicinity of Kharkiv, Ukrainian troops have taken control of over 30 settlements. On September 10, it was reported that Russian troops had left the key city of Izium.

The Ukrainian military are also conducting a successful counter-offensive in the south of Ukraine — currently they have advanced several dozens of kilometres in various areas.


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