WATCH: Shocking video of man hanging from helicopter in Afghanistan, Taliban’s hand suspected

A video has emerged from Kandahar of Afghanistan, showcasing a man hanging from a helicopter. Internet is divided with the debate whether the man in the video is a member of Taliban pulling a stunt or a poor citizen getting punished by the militant group designated as terrorists by the US government.

In the incident, a man can be seen dangling from an American-supplied Black-Hawk chopper. The horrifying visuals surfaced on the internet just one day before the final US troops left Kabul after withdrawing from the 20-year-long war in Afghanistan.

Taliban proclaimed, ‘US defeat in Afghanistan is a lesson for other invaders,’ while attempting to find a cordial relationship with America. The group was also seen engaging in celebratory fire as the last US forces departed from the war-torn country.

The video has been shared by Times Now on their official Twitter account with the caption, “Fresh video emerges in which a helicopter can be seen flying over #Kandahar in #Afghanistan with a man hanging from a rope below.

Watch the video here:

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