WATCH: Powerful tornado in China crushes buildings and smashes vehicles

On Sunday, a powerful tornado struck the south china city of Foshan. Social media users have been sharing videos of the twister ripping through the city around 7.20 a.m.

During the tornado’s energetic one minute period, it caused power outages, uprooted trees and smashed houses and vehicles. However there were no casualties.

As the twister tore through power lines, sparks and flares were seen flying in some of the videos. The unexpected weather event caused significant damage to building, cars and local infrastructure.

This is the second tornado to strike the United States in the last week. On 16th June, another tornado struck the southern megacity of Guangzhou, displacing millions of people, damaging property, and flooding farmland.

Authorities issues “extreme weather events” warnings as early as April, ahead of the rainy season which marks the seasonal transition from spring to summer in June.

Floods have historically been a problem in China, causing landslides and swamping vast swaths of farmland.

Deforestation wetlands reclamation and water storage for power generation and irrigation have made the country even more vulnerable in recent years.


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