[Watch] Groom From Pakistan Receives AK-47 Rifle As Wedding Gift

Pakistan: There is always a confusion when we go to buy wedding gifts for our near and dear ones.

Recently, a couple from Pakistan received quite a bizzare gift, which was quite shocking. The present was an AK-47 Rifle.

A video of the incident surfaced on social media, which went viral. It was shared by a Pakistani Journalist on his twitter account

In a 30-second video, a woman is seen caressing the groom and giving him an AK-47 Rifle. The groom received the present with a smile on his face. Neither the groom nor the bride looks shocked at seeing the rifle.

The woman who is seen presenting the rifle is the mother-in law of the groom.

Till now, the video has garned over 221.7k views with over 2.700 likes and 1.1k retweets.

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