Vladimir Putin drives PM Modi in his electric car around his Moscow residence

Moscow/Delhi : In order to to promote India-Russia bilateral relationship, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday drove Prime Minister Narendra Modi around his residence in his electric car. The video has gone viral on social media.

In the video, President Putin was spotted in the driver seat, while PM Modi sat beside him and were seen enjoying the ride.

Putin toured him around his residence and gave PM Modi a drive in an electric car. After they left the car, they were seen walking in the garden and having a conversation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarked on a two-day visit to Russia on Monday, President Vladimir Putin warmly greeted Modi with a private dinner and expressed happiness at meeting with his dear friend. Putin lauded Modi’s vigor and strategic vision, underscoring India’s robust economic position and its status as the world’s most populous nation.

During the visit, Modi is set to receive Russia’s highest civilian accolade, a recognition planned since 2019. The agenda includes pivotal engagements such as a Kremlin meeting and substantial talks culminating in mutual agreements. Later in the day, Modi will travel to Vienna.

Here is the Video

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