Video: Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing On Road In US

New Delhi: A small plane made an emergency landing on a road at Washington in the United States on Thursday. This was captured by a police car’s dashboard camera.

The police officer said the plane suffered a fuel system malfunction. The footage shows the single prop KR2 plane flying over the vehicle.

The officer then makes a U-turn and follows the plane as it lands in the middle of the road, about 64 kilometres from Seattle.

“I thought from a far distance it was a remote-controlled plane,” said Washington State Patrol Trooper Clint Thompson.

“As it continued going north it got bigger and bigger and bigger to the point of okay, that’s really close to the ground, I think he’s trying to land it on State Route 7.”

The video shows the plane’s pilot getting off the plane where he landed and moving it to safety.

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