US riots symptom of deep-rooted crisis: Vladimir Putin

Moscow: The ongoing riots in the US show deep-rooted internal crises in this country, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview.

“What has happened (in the US) is the manifestation of some deep domestic crises,” TASS News Agency quoted Putin as saying in the interview on Sunday where he added that this crisis had been observed for a long time since his US counterpart Donald Trump assumed office in 2017.

“When he won, and his victory was absolutely obvious and democratic, the defeated party invented all sort of bogus stories just to call into question his legitimacy,” Putin said.

The Russian leader also said that the key problem of the US political system is the fact that “parties place their interests above those of people”.

During the interview, he also said that Russia has always supported the black community’s struggle for equal rights but was against violent demonstrations, reports Xinhua news agency.

Russia now has, and the Soviet Union in the past had, always backed “the fight of African-Americans” for their rights, Putin said.

If the struggle for natural rights, for legal rights, turns violent and brutal, then “I see nothing good for the country here. We have never supported that”.

Mass protests and riots sparked in many US states and also in different parts of the world following the death of the unarmed African-American man, George Floyd.

He died in hospital after a police officer used a chokehold during his arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 25.

All four involved police officers were fired and charged.

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