US President Joe Biden & Chinese leader Xi Jinping discussed the war in Ukraine on a call today: Details

Washington, March 18 (IANS) Amid the Russia-Ukraine war, China’s President Xi Jinping on Friday told his US counterpart Joe Biden that inter-state conflicts are in no one’s interests and both countries should “shoulder our due international responsibilities”.

In their first talks after the Russian action in Ukraine, Xi said state-to-state relations cannot go to the stage of military hostilities.

“Peace and security are the most valued treasures of the international community,” he said as per Chinese state broadcaster CCTV.

Xi also said that China-US relations should “move forward along the right track” as part of efforts for “world peace and tranquillity”.

Ahead of their discussion, over video link, the US said Biden would urge China not to provide Russia with military equipment.

There was no word from the US side on the talks between the Presidents.

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