US, Europe Responsible For Children Killed In Syria, Yemen & Afghanistan: Pope Francis


Vatican City: Pope Francis on Saturday said Europe and the United States are responsible for the deaths of children in Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan, adding that wealthy western countries initiate conflict by selling weapons in war zone.

Speaking to students and teachers at Milan’s San Carlo Institute, Pope said there are so many wars around the world because the rich Europe and America sell weapons- used to “kill children and kill people.”

Pope Francis further remarked that countries need to welcome migrants and refuted the crime concerns which are used by nations to keep out the migrants.

“The Mafia has not been invented by Nigerians. Mafia is ours. All of us have the tendency of being criminal. Migrants bring us wealth because Europe has been made by migrants.”

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  1. Lydia blair says

    I hope not, but I know that its true. Another hollacaust. When will we ever open our eyes.

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