Ukraine: Millions of tons of grain shipped via the Danube River

Kiev: Ukraine authorities said more grain is being shipped across the Danube River than at any point since the start of the war six months ago.

On Saturday alone, 11 ships made their way to the river ports of Izmail, Reni and Ust-Dunaysk and loaded aboard a total of 45,000 tons of grain, the Ukrainian Infrastructure Ministry said on Sunday.

Since March, more than 4 million tons of grain have already been taken out of the country through Ukraine’s Danube ports, dpa news agency reported quoting the Ukrainian ministry.

After the Russian attack began, focus turned to Ukraine’s major Black Sea ports, which were blocked for months and resulted in millions of tonnes of grain unable to leave the country.

On July 22, Ukraine and Russia, under UN mediation, signed an agreement with Turkey to allow exports from Ukraine from three Black Sea ports, relieving pressure on global food markets.

The Istanbul Coordination Centre, which was established under the deal, said at the weekend that 1 million tonnes of grain and other foodstuffs had been exported through the Black Sea route so far. A total of 103 ships had set sail either to or from Ukraine.

As noted by the Infrastructure Ministry, some grain has been diverted out via more cumbersome routes involving cargo ships transitting the Danube River toward Romania, or by rail.


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