Turkey-Syria earthquake death toll surpasses 28,000 

The death toll is Turkey and Syria from the deadly earthquake has crossed 28,000. The rescuers are racing against time to rescue survivors.

Turkey: The death toll is Turkey and Syria from the deadly earthquake has crossed 28,000. As the days went by, the hope of finding many more survivors is fading despite some miraculous rescues.

Fuat Oktay, the Vice President of Turkey announced on Saturday that the death toll in Turkey has risen to 24,617 and the injured numbers has rose over 81,000. While, the death toll in Syria from the powerful earthquake now stands at more than 3,500, as per reports.

The body of an Indian national was found under the debris of a hotel in Malatya on Saturday. The Indian Embassy in Turkey has confirmed that he was an Indian National.

The quake was described as the “worst event in 100 years in this region” by the United Nations aid chief, who was in the Turkish province of Kahramanmaras on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the rescue operations are being hindered by unrest in some parts of Turkey. German and Austrian rescuers, aid teams suspended their rescue works due to safety concerns.

The government has promised to take action against those involved in creating unrest during this devastating time in the region.

Over 100 countries including India have sent aid to the quake-hit regions of Turkey.

India sent the seventh batch of aid under its Operation Dost initiative. The flight departed from the Hindon Airbase in Ghaziabad for Syria and Türkiye. The flight is carrying relief material, medical aid, emergency and critical care medicines, medical equipment and consumables.

Some miraculous rescues has been seen during this time including two sisters and a family of five who were found under rubble after five days of the earthquake.

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