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Techie in Pakistan custody hails from Andhra


Hyderabad: One of the two Indian nationals arrested in Pakistan ‘s Cholistan for illegally entering the country hails from Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh and was reported missing two years ago.

Prashant Vaindam, said to be a software engineer based in Hyderabad and Darilal, a resident of Madhya Pradesh, allegedly entered the country through Rajasthan without valid documents.

Pakistani media reported on Monday that they were arrested on November 14 in a desert close to Bahawalpur district.

Police sources said Prashant wanted to go to Switzerland to meet his online girlfriend but surfaced in Pakistan. Police were trying to find out how he landed there.

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A video message of Prashant to his parents went viral late Monday. Speaking in Telugu, the youth told his parents that he hopes to be released from jail within a month.

“Mummy and daddy, how are you? Now they brought me to court from police station after it was declared that there was no problem. They will now send me to jail from court and inform the Indian Embassy. I can then contact you,” said Prashant, who was seen taking permission from Pakistan police officials to speak in Telugu.

“Now than I am being sent to jail, the bail process will start. India and Pakistan exchange prisoners and it takes time,” he added.

He did not say how and when he entered Pakistan.


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