Sunita Williams stuck on International Space Station

New Delhi: Sunita Williams, the Indian-origin astronaut is stuck on the International Space Station (ISS) after technical issues were found in the spaceship in which she had travelled along with others. She was set to return on June 26, however, as per latest reports, ‘it’s not known now when the astronauts will attempt their journey back to the earth’ reported NDTV.

The Boeing Spaceship, which had travelled to the space for the first time carrying the astronauts including Sunita has been facing a series of glitches, reports suggest.

It is to be noted that Sunita Williams and Butch Wilmore reached the ISS on June 5. They were initially supposed to return on June 22 but later NASA confirmed that the stay has been extended and Willams would return on June 26. However, now following the technical glitches, now things have become difficult for the astronauts.

The ISS is of the size of a football field that astronauts from multiple space agencies use for research.

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