Space junk crashes into home, Florida family sues NASA

Florida: A Florida family whose house was hit by space debris and smashed through the roof of their Florida home is seeking compensation from US space agency Nasa for property damage.

In March this year, a piece of space debris crashed through the Otero home while Alejandro’s son, Daniel Otero, was inside. The junk ended up punching a hole through the roof.

Later, Nasa confirmed that the debris originated from a 2.9-ton pallet of used batteries jettisoned from the International Space Station in March 2021. The structure was expected to burn up completely upon re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere.

The Otero family, represented by attorney Mica Nguyen Worthy, is seeking compensation from Nasa for the damages, reported.

Attorney Mica Nguyen Worthy said space debris “is a real serious issue because of the increase in space traffic in recent years”.

“My clients are seeking adequate compensation to account for the stress and impact that this event had on their lives,” she said in a statement.

Worthy suggests that if Nasa were to fully compensate the Oteros, it would send a strong signal to both governments and private industries about responsible space operations.

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