South Korea mulls wristbands to prevent self-isolators going out

Seoul: South Korea is considering using electric wristbands to prevent people in self-isolation from going outside, an official said on Tuesday, amid growing concerns over people breaching the rules and spreading the coronavirus.

“A majority of people are following self-isolation (rules), but there have been some cases of (people) leaving (designated venues),” Yonhap News Agency quoted Yoon Tae-ho, a senior Health Ministry official, as saying at a press briefing here.

“If the self-isolation rules are not kept, this would put the government in a position to consider various measures to prevent such a move,” said Yoon, citing the wristbands as a potential option.

The official, however, acknowledged the negative sentiment associated with electric wristbands, saying the focus would be on finding an effective way in line with quarantine guidelines.

The remarks came amid concerns over those potentially infected with COVID-19 leaving self-isolation venues and spreading the virus in local communities, said the Yonhap News Agency report.

The government operates a mobile app to monitor people in self-isolation, but there have been cases where people left their phones at home or turned off the GPS function.

Law authorities have found 75 people who have breached self-isolation rules. Six of them have been transferred to the prosecution for further probe.

South Korea announced 47 new cases Tuesday, bringing the country’s total infections to 10,331, with 192 deaths.


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