Sheikh Hasina becomes Bangladesh PM for 3rd consecutive time

Dhaka: Sheikh Hasina became Prime Minister of Bangladesh for 3rd consecutive time. She had a huge victory over the opposition, said a statement released by the country’s Election Commission.

The alliance dominated by Hasina’s Awami League won 287 out of 298 seats.

The main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) won just 6 seats.

Hasina’s win consolidated her decade-long rule over Bangladesh. She is credited with improving the economy and all-round development. But she also has been accused of rampant abuse of human rights, a crackdown on media; i.e. suppressing dissent in any manner. She has vehemently denied all charges.

Opposition leader Kamal Hossain has accused Hasina’s party of rigging the election. He has requested the Election Commission of ordering a re-election.

At least 17 people were killed, count increased after our report, in election related violence.

The Election Commission said that it was investigating allegations of rigging. A spokesperson declined to comment whether the result of the probe will affect the election result.

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