Severe turbulence on Spain-Uruguay flight, Viral video shows passenger stuck in overhead bin

New Delhi: An Air Europa flight en route from Madrid to Montevideo made an emergency landing in Brazil after it was hit by severe turbulence. Due to the severe turbulence, passengers got stuck inside overhead bins and dozens of others with head, neck and chest and chest injuries.

According to reports, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner with 325 people on board made emergency landing at an airport Natal in northeast Brazil.

Following the incident, video of the incident are going viral over the internet. The video shows passengers helping a fellow flyer out of an overhead bin storage area. However, it is unknown how the man came to be lodged in the space. Those who were not wearing the seatbelts were thrown from their seats by the strong turbulence, hitting the ceiling.

After the incident went viral, the Spanish airline took to its official X (formerly Twitter) handle and said that the the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner had been travelling from Madrid to Uruguay when the incident took place.

“Our flight UX045 bound for Montevideo has been diverted to Natal airport (Brazil) due to strong turbulence,” the airline tweeted in Spanish. “The plane has landed normally and the minor injuries that were reported are already being treated,” the tweet further read.

After the emergency landing, the injured were immediately rushed to the hospital. The injured are said to be nationals of Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Israel, Bolivia and Germany.

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