Russian military jet goes missing during Israeli missile attack on Syria

Moscow: A Russian military jet carrying at least 14 servicemen vanished from radar over the Mediterranean Sea late last night during an Israeli missile attack on Syria.

As per the Russian Defence Ministry sources, the II-20 jet went missing over the Mediterranean Sea 35 kilometres from the Syrian coast on its return from Hmeimim airbase. The fate of the military personnel who were boarding the jet at the time of the incident is ‘unknown’, it added.

The Russian authorities have launched a search operation in the Mediterranean Sea to find out the missing jet, it is suspecting that the place might have come across an ‘unforeseen critical incident’ in the air.

While the Russian Ministry has claimed that the jet had gone off the radar around 11pm on Monday during a raid by four Israeli F-16 jets on Syria’s Latakia province. It feared a possible eventuality with the jet as a result of the attack.

One the other hand, neither Syrian nor Israeli authorities have reacted on the issue so far.

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