Russia reveals new evidence of US’ involvement in making biological weapons in Ukraine

Moscow: Experts from the Russian Armed Forces have revealed new evidence of the involvement of the US Department of Defence (DOD) in the development of biological weapons in Ukraine.

Addressing a briefing, Defence Ministry official Igor Konashenkov said that Russian experts on radiation, chemical and biological protection, in the course of studying documents, revealed new facts proving the direct involvement of the DOD in the development of biological weapons components in Ukraine, RT News reported.

In the near future, the Ministry will publish original documents that demonstrate that the Pentagon developed and approved the U-Pi-2 biological project, the official added.

According to Konashenkov, the main goal of this project was to conduct a molecular analysis of especially dangerous infections that are endemic to Ukraine.

“This work involved sampling the pathogen in old cattle burial grounds in order to obtain new strains of anthrax.”

Earlier, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia would require consideration of the issue of biological laboratories in Ukraine within the framework of the convention on the prohibition of biological and toxin weapons.

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