‘Responsibility doesn’t lie with China on border situation with India’; Spokesperson at Foreign Ministry in Beijing

New Delhi: The ins and outs of the situation on the China-India border are very clear and the responsibility does not lie with China, a spokesperson at the Foreign Ministry in Beijing has said.

“At present, China and India are in communication on further improving border management and control and confidence-building measures. We hope that the Indian side will strictly abide by a series of agreements signed by the two sides, refrain from making irresponsible remarks and take concrete actions and work with China to jointly safeguard peace and tranquility of the border area,” the spokesperson said.

The remarks were in response to a question about comments made by Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar.

“While he was visiting Australia, he criticised China’s economic actions toward Australia. And then separately, he mentioned the clash between India and China on the border had been discussed during Quad meetings. And at that time, he put the blame on China for the ongoing border conflict.

“On the China-India boundary issue, it is China’s consistent view that both sides jointly safeguard peace and stability in the border area following the agreements already signed. We hope the two sides will keep up communication through military and diplomatic channels to properly resolve remaining boundary issues,” the spokesperson said.

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