Pope Francis agrees to nun’s request for kiss

New Delhi:  After last month’s unusual incident, when Pope Francis lost his cool momentarily on the New Year Eve when a devotee pulled at the pontiff’s arm while he was greeting the faithful in St Peter’s Square of the Vatican City, the Pope on Wednesday was confronted with an unexpected request — a kiss.

It happened as the Pope was walking through a large hall before his weekly General Audience, when he greets well-wishers lined up behind barricades.

The Pope Francis was approached by a nun who sought a kiss, saying : “A kiss, Pope!”

To gave a light-hearted reaction, more typical of his papacy, the Pope said yes, but only if she promised not to bite.

The Pope gingerly responded with “Oh, (but) you bite,” prompting laughter from the people near them.

Francis then joked, “Stay calm! I will give you a kiss but you stay calm. Don’t bite!

The nun promised to not bite, saying “Si” (Yes).

The Pope then kissed her on the cheek before continuing to greet the crowd. She jumped up and down shouted “Grazie, Papa”. (Thank you, Pope).

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