Planning to settle down in Canada, Know about the recent immigration plan

Are you willing to move out of your home country in order to get a better job and lifestyle? If yes, then Canada might be the perfect country for the reason. The government of Canada has announced its immigration plan for three years (2022-2024). As Indians form a strong labor force in Canada, you might be interested in applying for a job there.

The Covid-19 pandemic striked hard on the economy of all the countries across the globe and Canada is one of them. In order to stop the labour shortages in the country, Canada has plans to attract 1.3 million new immigrants in next 3 years. This means the new immigrants will amount to 1.14 per cent of the Canadian population by the year 2024. If we speak about the statistics Canada will welcome 4,31,645 permanent residents in 2022 and 4,47,055 permanent residents in 2023. On the other hand, the country will have 4,51,000 permanent residents in 2024.

There has been stark rise in the immigrants to Canada. Untill 2015, Canada used to welcome 2,50,000 immigrants. The numbers kept on increasing with each passing year. However, it fell below 2,00,000 in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In 2021, the country welcomes more than 4,00,000 immigrants as permanent residents. It is important to note that the Canadian government struggled to clear a backlog of about 1.8 million visa/ citizenship due to covid-19.

The Immigration plan is expected to create a strong foundation for the post economic growth of the country, said Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Canada. It is estimated that the interested applicants who want to move to Canada for work need a time frame of 12-24 months. The eligible candidates who meet the criteria will get a PR visa in 2022 or the following years.

Canada depends on immigration for various sectors which include farming, fishing, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation etc. The country plans to revive its economy with the new immigrants.

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