Pakistan Energy Crisis: PM Orders Early Resolution

Islamabad: Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has ordered an early resumption of power generation from the plants closed due to various administrative and technical issues as public complaints about loadshedding across the country were on an increase.

On Sunday, he ordered the power division to furnish a report highlighting the reasons behind loadshedding, its solution and measures taken by the government so far, reports Dawn news.

“The (power) plants, which are not in operation these days, must be operated with immediate effect in a bid to end loadshedding and give relief to the public at large,” Sharif said while chairing at high-level meeting in Lahore.

Most parts of the country have been experiencing loadshedding for several hours due to the energy shortfall.

People have been suffering from five to 12 hours forced/unannounced as well scheduled loadshedding across the country owing to an overloaded system, Dawn news reported.

The forced loadshedding for another couple of hours is also being observed in various areas falling within service jurisdiction of as many as 1,000 high loss feeders.

According to official sources, the shortfall is widening fast due to reduced hydel generation, and non-availability of adequate regasified Liquified Natural gas (RLNG) meant for several thermal power plants’ operation.

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