Pak PM Imran Khan threatens elite with a people’s revolution

New Delhi: Instead of fighting the no-confidence vote in the parliament, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is hell bent to fight on the streets, outside the Pakistan National Assembly. In a recent move, his office has released a video of Imran Khan where he is seen asking his supporters to reach Islamabad on March 27, to “stand with the good and against evil” as he asked them to show their support and attend the ruling PTI’s public gathering.

“They (opposition) are buying the parliamentarians) openly. I want the people to join me against this crime being committed against democracy and the nation. Let us show them that we are against these looters who are buying the public representatives through their money,” said Khan in his message.

Harping on the anti-corruption theme, he further urged the people to send a message on March 27, to ensure there is no horse-trading in the future and teach lessons to “plunderers and looters”, who have indulged in corrupt practices for the past 30 years, had come together and put a price on the “conscience of public representatives”. He asked his supporters to send a “clear” message on March 27, to ensure there is no horse-trading in the future.

According to various media reports, Khan’s ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) party has been making batons with nails on them, which will be carried by their “tiger” force on D-Day.

Facing the defeat, the beleaguered Imran, who has been virtually threatening the elite with a people’s revolution has been avoiding to face the no-confidence vote in the parliament as many of his allies and members of the ruling party have decided to vote against him. According to the leaders of the combined opposition, Khan’s allies will announce their decision to withdraw support on March 26, a day after the commencement of the special session of the Assembly.

Imran Khan told a few Pakistani reporters, “Why should I resign? I do not understand why people are talking about resignation. The fighting has not started yet.” Khan made it clear that come what may, he will never “reconcile” with the opposition leaders who are thieves and robbers, reported BBC Urdu, whose correspondent was also there along with others.

“You will get a surprise on my last ball,” the cricketer turned playboy turned politician told the reporters on Wednesday.

According to these reporters, Khan was abusive and aggressive and repeatedly cursed and warned the opposition leaders.

“Whether a no-confidence vote succeeds or not, they think I will do nothing? In either case, I will not leave them,” Khan declared saying that he has massive public support, more than any Pakistani leader ever had.

Meanwhile, the Speaker, who belongs to the ruling party has again extended the voting date. He said that the no-confidence vote will take place on April 1 or 2.

There is another battle going on in the Pakistani Supreme Court where the opposition has challenged the presidential reference which they claim is on behalf of the ruling party and it seeks an unconstitutional approval from this August Court, whereby all elected MNAs, will be left at the mercy of the Speaker of National Assembly.

Amid the political drama, there are speculations that Imran Khan may not last till the last bowl of the match and there will be early elections this year.

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