US Law Enforcement Intercepts Package Containing Poison Addressed To Donald Trump

Washington: US law enforcement officials intercepted a package containing potent poison Ricin addressed to President Donald Trump earlier this week.

Two tests were done to confirm the presence of Ricin. It is noteworthy that, all mail for the White House is sorted and screened at an offsite facility before reaching the White House.

According to reports of CNN, A US law enforcement official told that investigators are looking into the possibility that the poison package addressed to Donald Trump came from Canada.

Ricin is a highly toxic compound extracted from castor beans that have been used in terror attacks previously. It can be used in powder, pellet, mist or acid form. If one eats the poison, it causes nausea, vomiting and internal bleeding of the stomach and intestines, followed by failure of the liver, spleen and kidneys, and death by collapse of the circulatory system.

The FBI and US Secret Service are investigating the matter.

The FBI’s Washington field office said in a statement to CNN that the FBI and U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Postal Inspection Service partners are investigating a suspicious letter received at a U.S. government mail facility and there is no known threat to public safety as of yet.

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