Over 100 people killed after military airstrike hits village in Myanmar

At least 100 people including women and many children were killed in central Myanmar on Tuesday after a millitary air strike hits a village.

Myanmar: At least 100 people including many children were killed in central Myanmar on Tuesday after a military air strike hits an event attended by opponents to its rule, according to reports.

According to reports, Myanmar’s ruling junta striked the Pazigyi village while the people were gathered for the opening of a local office of the country’s opposition movement in Sagaing region’s Kanbalu township.

The exact number of fatalities is not known yet as there are many bodies which are yet to be retrived.

As per the statement of the witness, a fighter jet dropped bombs directly onto a crowd of around 150 people at around 8 am on Tuesday. Over 100 people including civilians, women and around 20-30 children were killed in the airstrike, reported  The Associated Press.

The leaders of locally formed anti-government armed groups and other opposition organisations were also killed in the attack.

He added that after the initial attack, a helicopter appeared about half an hour later and fired at the site.

The Myanmar junta confirmed the attack on Tuesday night and said, “We attacked that place.” A spokesperson for the military government said, “There was (a People’s Defence Force) office opening ceremony… (Tuesday) morning about 8 am at Pazi Gyi village. The People’s Defence Force is the armed wing of the National Unity Government, which calls itself the country’s legitimate government, in opposition to the army.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres issued a strong condemnation and called for those responsible to be held accountable, his spokesperson said, adding that Guterres “reiterates his call for the military to end the campaign of violence against the Myanmar population throughout the country.”

Myanmar has been in turmoil since a 2021 coup, with attacks by ethnic minority armies and resistance fighters challenging the rule of the military, which has responded with air strikes and heavy weapons, including in civilian areas.

At least 1.2 million people have been displaced by post-coup fighting, according to the United Nations.

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