Nurses In Brazil Hospital Develop ‘Hand Of God’ For COVID-19 Patients

A unique innovation by a team of nurses in a hospital in Brazil to provide ‘human touch’ to those affected by the novel coronavirus and spending days in isolation, away from their loved ones, is winning hearts over the internet.

Moved by the plight of the COVID-19 patients, nurses of a hospital came up with this innovation that is making the patients feel loved. All these covid-19 patients need is a warm embrace or just holding their hands to let them know that it soon shall pass.

All that was required for this innovation was two disposable gloves. The nurses then tied the gloves together and filled them with hot water. The gloves were then attached to the hands of the patients. It feels as if someone is holding their hands and making them feel that they are not alone.

The innovation of the nurses was first posted on social media by a person identified as Sadiq Sameer Bhat of Gulf News that soon went viral.

The caption read, “The hand of God”- nurses trying to comfort isolated patients in a Brazilian Covid isolation ward. Two disposable gloves tied, full of hot water, simulating impossible human contact. Salute to the front liners and a stark reminder of the grim situation our world is in”.

Thousands of people have liked and shared the ‘heart-touching’ picture on social media platforms.

Meanwhile, reports suggest that Brazil have recorded a record number of deaths due to coronavirus in the past few days. Over 3,45,000 people have lost their lives because of Covid-19 in Brazil.


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