Niagara Falls turns into winter wonderland, People call it ‘Bizzard of the century’

Niagara Falls has been transformed into a partial frozen winter wonderland as a result of the recent wave of sub-zero temperatures.

The gigantic Niagara falls now stands in silence. There is currently no water flowing from the enormous falls. The falls have been frozen as the “winter storm of the century” moves over the US.

Very recently, several videos of Niagara Falls frozen completely have surfaced online. The surrounding area has reportedly been a witness to a wave of sub-zero temperatures. This has caused the gigantic falls to change into a partially frozen winter paradise. The famous waterfall now lies covered with a thick layer of hard snow. However, it still remains to freeze entirely because of the continuous and rapid flow of water.

Take a look:

According to sources, the nation is currently experiencing a catastrophic blizzard that has caused dangerously low temperatures and snow accumulations of up to 43 inches. A phenomena known as a “bomb cyclone” that occurred shortly after Christmas had left million houses without electricity and have caused over 30 deaths.The frozen Niagara Falls now stands complete encased in ice.

Buffalo city remains the most affected. The has seen emergency services are deteriorating as a result of the tragic disaster. Despite of the frigid temperature tourists are still flocking to admire the movie-like landscape of the iconic waterfall.

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