New drug that “zombifies people’s bodies”; raising alarm in US

Drug overdoses have always been an issue on American streets. In light of it, a new medicine that raising anxiety on US.

Drug overdoses have always been an issue on American streets. According to federal statistics, one person overdoses on drugs in America every five minutes. Currently, a new medicine that practically rots people’s skin and raising anxiety on US streets. The deadly effects of the chemical Xylazine, often known as Tranq, are causing havoc in all the major cities of the country.

According to sources, xylazine is becoming more common in towns across the nation. Everywhere the medicine is being used more and more frequently, leading to overdoses and outbreaks of skin infections. The countrywide xylazine epidemic also poses a risk to the public’s health. It portends the future of the overdose crisis, which will be fueled more and more by lethal combinations of toxic synthetic substances.

Experts on public health are outraged by its proliferation and concerned about the dreadful scars. Xylazine causes sedative-type side effects such as extreme tiredness and respiratory depression. It also induces open sores with continued exposure which leads to dangerous infections that spread rapidly. Given that “tranq” is not categorised as a regulated substance for people or animals, placing it in a puzzling and scary grey area, hospitals rarely test for it using standard toxicology testing.


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