N.Korea fires 1 short-range ballistic missile: Seoul

Seoul: North Korea launched one short-range ballistic missile toward the East Sea on Wednesday, the South Korean military said.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said it detected the launch from an area in or around Sukchon, South Pyongan Province, at 3.31 p.m. (local time), reports Yonhap News Agency.

Defence authorities are analyzing related details including the missile’s speed, altitude and flight distance.

The North’s latest provocation came as ballots are being counted in the US midterm elections.

The South’s military has been staging computer-simulated Taegeuk drills since Monday.

Pyongyang launched 35 missiles into the East and Yellow Seas between on November 2 and 5 in protest against a combined air exercise of the US and South Korea, called Vigilant Storm.

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