Mysterious object found on Australian beach, people speculated it is linked to Chandrayaan-3

New Delhi: A giant and mysterious object that is shaped like a dome has been found in Australia. The mysterious object washed up on the Green Head Beach in West Australia.

Locals have been baffled by a giant object that washed up on a beach in West Australia. The unidentified object shaped like a dome has been found at Green Head Beach, about 250kms north of Perth, reported The Week on Monday.

After finding the mysterious object people there speculated that it might be linked to India’s Chandrayaan-3.

It is to be noted that It is to be noted that the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched Chandrayaan-3 on July 14, 2023 from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota.

Social media is abuzz following the finding of the object. It has been speculated that the debris might be one of the spent stages of LVM-3.

Meanwhile Australian Space Agency (ASA) said it was making enquiries about the object. Meanwhile Police in Australia reportedly asked the public to stay away from it.

“We are currently making enquiries related to this object located on a beach near Jurien Bay in Western Australia. The object could be from a foreign space launch vehicle and we are liaising with global counterparts who may be able to provide more information,” Australian Space Agency said in a tweet.

“As the origin of the object is unknown, the community should avoid handling or attempting to move the object. If the community spot any further suspected debris they should report it to local authorities and notify the Australian Space Agency. We are committed to the long-term sustainability of outer space activities, including debris mitigation, and continue to highlight this on the international stage,” ASA also tweeted.

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