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Mexican-American Woman Arrested In Texas For Racially Abusing Indian Women

Police arrested a Mexican-American woman in Plano, Texas on Thursday after they received a complaint against her. She was assaulting and using racial slurs against a group of Indian women.

A video shared by one of the women involved in the incident, Rani Banerjee on Facebook has gone viral and has drawn the attention of people who have condemned this act.

The incident happened on Wednesday, August 24, 2022, as the four Indian women left Sixty vines, Plano. The angry woman identified as Esmeralda Upton confronted them in the parking lot and hurled racial abuses at the group and even physically assaulted them.

The woman was apparently fed up seeing Indians everywhere she went. She questioned why they were in America if life was so great in India.

The video shows her pushing the women and trying to knock their phones out of their hands. She also threatens to shoot them if they didn’t stop filming.

Watch the video here:

The women called 911 and the police arrived in a few minutes, following which Upton was taken into police custody.

The four Indian women have been identified as Bidisha Rudra, Rani Banerjee, Sabori Saha and Anamika Chatterjee.

After realising that the victims were calling the cops, Esmeralda turned ‘apologetic’ and claimed that she had overstepped her boundaries. According to her Linkedin profile (which now stands deleted), the Mexican American woman is a realtor for California Federal Bank and parishioner at Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Plano.

The Plano police arrested Upton on Thursday, August 25, 2022 for assault, bodily injury, and terroristic threats. She is now held on a bound amount of $10,000. According to the press release by police, additional charges might also be pressed against her. The case is being treated as that of a hate crime.

Official Press Release by Plano Police Department:

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