Man impersonates Police officer for 15 years, finally nabbed

A man became successful to pose as a police officer for long 15 years. Yet, finally he was nabbed after doing a small mistake at a restaurant. The incident took place in Maryland in the United States.

As per reports, Antione Tuckson’s impersonation of a cop came to the fore when he reportedly tried to apprehend two women who disputed their bill at a Prince George’s County restaurant recently.

Tuckson then called the Prince George’s County Police Department after intervening in the dispute between the two women in the restaurant.

He was armed with a bite dog, police vest, handgun, and taser at the time, according to reports.

However, when he flashed his fake badge to the real police officers who arrived at the eatery they suspected him as he had left his dog at the venue.

Now, the real cops asked him for further proof of his credentials when Tuckson tried to have his friend impersonate his supervisor.  However, within some time the so-called friend arrived at the spot and said the dog was her emotional support animal. And then the fake cop was busted. He was then arrested and sent to custody for trial for impersonation of a U.S. Marshall and firearm charges.

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