Man charged for Assaulting Indian-Origin Woman in New York

Allasheed Allah, a 54-year-old man has been charged with hate crime for assaulting and hurling homophobic slurs to an Indian-origin woman on a subway in New York.

The incident took place in November; when Avneet Kaur, 20, was travelling with her female friend on a Subway in Manhattan. Allasheed was traveling on the same subway.

According to Kaur, the victim’s friend, the woman gave her a kiss on the cheek while she was making a Snapchat. This, according to the police, made Allah angry and he flew into a rage at the sight.


During the incident, Allah allegedly approached the victim who was standing with her friend while they were riding a Manhattan-bound e-train through Queens during the evening. Kaur said, her friend gave her a kiss on cheek, while she was making a Snap chat. Soon the man engaged Kaur in a verbal dispute; then started making homophobic slurs towards her and her friend.

According to reports, Allasheed followed the two friends after they got away from the subway near Queens borough in New York City. The defendant attacked Avneet Kaur and hit in the back of her head and then once in her chest causing her to fall. He again struck her head and neck on a pole before she hit on the floor. Resultantly, the victim’s spine was fractured and she was rushed to a local Queens hospital and underwent treatment there.

Allasheed Allah was prosecuted on Thursday and charged with assault as a hate crime and aggravated harassment last month.  Queens District Attorney Richard Brown reportedly said that If convicted, Allasheed faces a sentence of three and one-half to 15 years in prison.

Brown added, “Queens County is the most diverse county in the nation. It is home to many races, nationalities and sexual orientations. Crimes motivated by bias – particularly those involving violence – will never be tolerated in this county. When they do regrettably occur, they will be vigorously prosecuted and those involved will be severely punished,” Brown added.

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