Kim Jong Un cries while offering rare apology to North Koreans; Watch

In a rare incident of its kind, North Korea’s eccentric dictator Kim Jong Un apologized to the country’s people. While offering apology at the event that marked the completion of 75 years of his party, he had tears in his eyes.

Tyrant Kim told the public that he could not stand with his public during the Coronavirus epidemic, apologizing for it.

Kim Jong-un acknowledged during his speech that he could not live up to the confidence of the people of North Korea and apologized for this. Kim Jong Un took off his glasses and wiped his tears as soon as he said this.

Recalling the ‘great work’ of his ancestors, Kim Jong said that although I was given the responsibility to run this country, my efforts and honesty have not been sufficient to alleviate the problems of my people.

Kim Jong also expressed his desire to improve relations with South Korea. During this program, North Korea presented the world-class nuclear missile Hwasong-15 on a 22-wheeled vehicle equipped with nuclear weapons. Experts warn that this missile is capable of striking in any corner of the US.

The North Korea dictator saw the missile in his military parade recently. Experts said that this missile is one of the longest missiles in the world.

Kim Jong Un has demonstrated this massive killer missile at a time when US President Donald Trump has tried to convince him to give up his nuclear weapons programme for many years.

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