KFC customer horrified to discover caterpillars on her Chicken order

London: In a shocking incident, a KFC customer found a some caterpillars in her chicken popcorn snacks. The customer fell ill reportedly after having some bites of the snacks.

According to Asianet news, a girl in Cambridge bought a chicken popcorn snacks box from a KFC outlet, but she was horrified when she found caterpillars in the packet.

The girl named Nikita Leedel Smith said that after she ate 1-2 bites of the chicken she saw something like worms in the box and after checking she was shocked to find that caterpillars were moving in the chicken box.

The girl fell ill after the incident but she came to complaint about it to the KFC outlet on the next day, but the company refused to listen to her. They did not refund her money.

This is not the first time such incidents happened in KFC outlets. More than 200 people fell ill after eating KFC restaurant food in Mongolia in February last year due to which the outlet was closed.

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