Joe Biden says he would not pardon his own son if convicted in 2018 firearm purchase

Washington: US President Joe Biden has said he would not pardon his son Hunter in the event of a conviction in his ongoing criminal trial for unauthorized gun possession.

In a TV interview, Biden was asked whether he was prepared to accept the outcome of his son’s trial in the state of Delaware. He answered with a curt “yes.”

News anchor David Muir asked whether Biden would also rule out a pardon, to which the US president replied in the affirmative, according to a pre-released statement from ABC News.

Hunter Biden is accused of making false statements when purchasing weapons in October 2018 and concealing his drug addiction at the time. If convicted, he faces up to 25 years in prison.

However, it is unclear how severe a sentence the judge responsible would hand down, as Hunter Biden has no criminal record.

The US president’s statements are in contrast to the behaviour of his predecessor Donald Trump, who is facing several criminal trials and has already indicated that he would reverse their sentences if he wins the election.

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