Italian Police Delivers Kidney For Transplant Using Lamborghini

Bhubaneswar: While it is a dream for most police departments in the world to have a Lamborghini in their fleet, the Italian police used its departmental Lamborghini to deliver a kidney for a patient awaiting emergency organ transplant 500 kilometers away.

As per reports, a police drove their blue-white Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 from the northern town of Padova to a hospital in Rome to deliver the kidney for a patient awaiting emergency transplant surgery. The police drove 500 kilometers at a speed of nearly 230 km/hr and reached the destination in just more than 2 hours.

Unlike the normal designs of the vehicle, the police owned Lamborghini which is equipped with an onboard tablet with computers and cameras which are capable of recording and also a special cold box to transport organs in emergency situations.

The police reportedly came into the scenario responding to an emergency call as locals were unable to transport the organ so quickly.

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