Israeli Army Strikes in Gaza After Rockets Target Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv: Israel launched air strikes on Gaza hours after rockets were fired near Tel Aviv on early Friday, a first since Israel’s 2014 campaign in Gaza.

Explosions were heard in the Gaza Strip early Friday and Palestinian witnesses said Israeli planes bombed Hamas security positions.

There was no immediate word of civilian casualties in air strikes that hit about six buildings used by Hamas’ security forces, which had been evacuated as a precaution.

The rocket fire on Tel Aviv, the first since 2014, marks a significant escalation that raised the likelihood of a harsh Israeli reprisal.

The rockets triggered air raid sirens across the city – about 80km north of Gaza – which is Israel’s densely populated commercial and cultural capital.

The Israeli military said it was “attacking terror targets in Gaza,” without providing further details. Palestinian media reported Israeli attacks near the Khan Yunis port, in southern Gaza.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who also acts as defence minister, held an emergency security consultation in army headquarters in Tel Aviv. It is to be believed that ‘some decisions’ were made, who details haven’t been revealed yet.

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