India’s Kashmir Move Can Lead To Conventional War: Pak PM Imran Khan

New Delhi: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday warned that India’s decision to end Jammu and Kashmir’s special and autonomous status could ultimately lead to a conventional war between the two nations.

Khan, addressing a joint session of Pakistan Parliament convened to address India’s move on Article 370 of the Constitution, said Indian actions will further fuel the fire in Kashmir as people’s rights have been taken by brute force. This, he said, may lead to incidents like Pulwama (attack), for which India will blame Pakistan.

“This will lead to problems in Azaad Kashmir. If they attack us, we will retaliate. Then this will further aggravate. Where is the end to this? This can lead to a conventional war,” he said.

“If a war happens, what can happen? We’ll fight till the last drop of blood… All parties will lose that war. A conventional war between two nuclear-armed nations will have global consequences,” he said, adding his country hopes for the best but is prepared for the worst.

He said Pakistan will take the issue to the United Nation’s Security Council and the International Criminal Court, and will fight it at every forum.

The Pakistan PM said the revocation of special status was an attempt to change the demography of Muslim-majority Kashmir, which he said was against Geneva Conventions and a “war crime”.

“I am afraid they will now go on to do ethnic cleansing in Kashmir,” he said as he blamed the “racist ideology” of the RSS and the BJP.

“India wants a Hindu nation. They do not consider Muslims as equals. This was part of their (BJP’s) election manifesto. BJP has a racist ideology…what they have done in Kashmir shows their ideology,” he said.

“They went against their constitution, their Supreme Court, UN resolutions, against Simla agreement,” he said.

The Pak PM compared current times in India to that when Nazi leader Adolf Hitler ruled over Germany as he called upon the global community to act against India.

“This is the time to act. For me, this is a period that saw one of the biggest racist regime. I compare this to Hitler’s regime in Germany. They are acting as the Nazi party did back then. They have pushed the opposition to the wall in the most undemocratic ways. The entire character of a secular India that came from their hefty founding fathers like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru has been hit by this party,” he said.

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