Indian Crewman killed, 20 others injured as Cargo ship catches fire off Dutch coast

Indian crewman died while 20 others were injured after a devastating fire engulfed the cargo ship on the Dutch coast.

London: Indian crewman died while 20 others were injured after a devastating fire engulfed the Panama-registered cargo ship Fremantle Highway as it traversed the waters off the Dutch coast.

The fire broke out on Tuesday night, prompting several crew members to jump off the ship to escape the flames. The vessel was carrying nearly 3,000 vehicles at the time of the incident. The cause of the fire is being investigated, with an electric car in the cargo being suspected as a possible trigger.

The Indian Embassy in the Netherlands is actively engaged in the situation, reaching out to the family of the deceased Indian crewman and providing assistance for the repatriation of the mortal remains. Additionally, the Embassy is in contact with the remaining 20 injured crew members, who are receiving medical attention and support.

In response to the emergency, rescue ships swiftly took action by spraying water onto the burning vessel to cool it down. A salvage vessel was also deployed to prevent the ship from drifting. A helicopter was involved in airlifting the remaining crew members to safety from the burning ship. However, the vessel continues to be on fire, necessitating further actions to limit the damage caused.

The injured crew members are facing various health issues due to the incident, including breathing problems, burns, and broken bones. They were immediately rushed to the nearby hospital. The injured people are being attended to by medical professionals as local Dutch authorities provide support and care.

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