India Pakistan Exchange List Of Civilian Prisoners and Fishermen

New Delhi: On Monday India and Pakistan exchanged a list of prisoners, civilians and fishermen, through diplomatic channels simultaneously through New Delhi and Islamabad, reported ANI. These are people who are under the custody of both countries.

A release by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) mentioned that India gave out a list of as many as 256 Pakistan civilian prisoners and 99 fishermen. Whereas Pakistan gave a list of 209 fishermen and 52 prisoners who are Indians or believed to be Indians, in its custody.

The Indian Government called for early release of missing Indian personnel, civilian prisoners and fishermen along with their boats. In this context, Pakistan was asked to release the 10 civilian prisoners and 124 fishermen whose identity as Indians has been confirmed.

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The Indian government has also asked Pakistan to grant visas to the team of medical experts. They will then assess the mental condition on the believed-to-be unsound Indian prisoners who are registered in different jails of the country.

It has also called for an early visit of the Joint Judicial Committee to Pakistan and a team of four members to Karachi about the early release of the 22 fishermen boats. Government of India has also requested for immediate facilitations to be accessed for the release for the remaining Indian civilian prisoners and fishermen.

India & Pakistan take the humanitarian route

The MEA release mentioned that India remains fully committed to serving proper humanitarian rights concerned to both the country’s prisoners and fishermen.

India has also asked Pakistan to respond to the case of 88 Pakistan prisoners including fishermen who have completed their sentence and wait for their nationality confirmation from Pakistan.

The exchange of the lists is in relation to the provisions made under the 2008 agreement under which this exchange procedure is carried every year on January 1 and July 1.

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