Fresh clashes erupt in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Nov 12: Clashes erupted once again on Tuesday on the streets of Hong Kong as protesters and security forces locked horns, a day after a strike in the former British colony was marred by violence that left a total 128 people injured and led to more than 260 being arrested.

The city’s Hospital Authority told Efe news that the total number of people injured on Monday’s protests included 93 men and 35 women.

It also said that both a 21-year-old who was shot by a policeman and a 57-year-old man who was set on fire after an argument with protesters remained hospitalized in “critical condition”.

Shortly before midnight on Monday, the police revealed that the number of arrests exceeded 260, and warned that they would continue to act to enforce the law in response to the illegal acts of the rioters.

According to local media reports, some public transport services were again disrupted during rush hour on Tuesday morning, and clashes between riot police and protesters were resumed on some university campuses, where officers used tear gas.

Several schools in the city have announced the suspension of their classes for the day due to the volatile situation.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam appeared at a press conference in which she accused the protesters of being “selfish” for continuing what she described as vandalism.

The Hong Kong leader, whose resignation the protesters have been calling for, among other demands, expressed gratitude to those not taking part in the strike and for citizens who voluntarily removed barricades erected by protesters in the streets.

She also urged the people to convince students against attending illegal demonstrations and to stay away from places they take place.

The Hong Kong protests, which have been drawing massive crowds since June following a contentious proposed extradition law, have mutated into a movement that seeks to improve the democratic mechanisms that govern Hong Kong and safeguard the region’s partial autonomy from Beijing.

However, some demonstrators have opted for more radical tactics than peaceful civil disobedience and violent clashes with the police have been frequent.


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