Fatal ‘flesh eating bacteria’ spreading in Long Island Sound!

New York: The United States may be dealing with another Pandemic after the coronavirus crisis as some cases of infection by a fatal flesh eating bacteria has been reported in the Long Island Sound of the country.

At least five people are now infected with the flesh eating bacteria which is known as “Vibrio Vulnificus”, reported the US Health officials.

As per reports of New York Post, one case was reported in July and the other four cases were reported in August this year. Adults aged between 49 to 85 were infected with the bacteria that is said to be found in the salt or the water of the Long Island Sound.

According to the information provided by Connecticut Department of Health, the bacteria can cause necrotising fasciitis also known as ‘flesh-eating disease’. It can also cause limb amputation of the infected person in a more serious case.

The “Vibrio Vulnificus” bacteria can cause life threatening illness in the extreme infection cases, according to researchers.

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