Earthquake moment in Kahramanmaras, Turkey: Watch

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria has so far claimed more than 19thousand lives. The rescue operation is still underway as hundreds of people are believed to have been still trapped under the debris. Meanwhile a video has surfaced that is claimed to be of the earthquake moment in kahramanmaras in Turkey, taken on last Monday during the devastating earthquake.

Shared by The Figen to Twitter today only, the video has so far garnered 49.2k views besides 178 retweets, and 738 likes. The Twitter user captioned the video as follows:  “The image of the earthquake moment in Kahramanmaras, Turkiye. Look at the lights in the air!”

And the frightening video earned a lot of comments from netizens.  Here are some best of them.

“It’s truly frightening.”

“The world is a fragile place, we take it for granted!!”

“A user claimed that, “Haarp technology used to generate artificial Earth quacks.”

“Lightning is my bet, Earth releases a bunch of charges particles and they head skyward. Geomagnetics and whatnot.”

“Turkey should make earthquake resilient building like Japan(cn tolerate 9.0 intensity), bcs when turkey is earthquake prone area, so sustainability is necessary.”

“Yeah looks like transformers blowing up. But also a ton of static electricity is generated by earthquakes. May also be that.”

Watch the video here:

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