Colombia: At least 21 killed in car bombing at Bogotá Police Academy

Bogotá: A car bomb exploded in front of a Bogotá police academy Thursday morning. The blast killed at least 21 people, wounded 68 and, hence spreading fear about a revival of Colombia’s violent past.

The scene outside the General Santander police academy was chaotic after the mid-morning explosion on Thursday, with ambulances and helicopters rushing to the normally tightly controlled facility.

car bombing at Bogota Police Academy

Witnesses said they heard a loud explosion that destroyed windows in adjacent buildings. Pictures on social media showed a charred vehicle surrounded by debris on the academy’s campus.

“My solidarity is with our police officers faced with this terrorist act,” the mayor of Bogotá, Enrique Peñalosa, said on his Twitter account.

car bombing at Bogota Police Academy

President Ivan Duque declared three days of mourning after the attack, which was the deadliest in years against a police or military target in Colombia.

For decades, residents of Bogotá lived in fear of being caught in a bombing by leftist rebels or Pablo Escobar’s Medellín drug cartel. Thursday’s bomb blast was a reminiscent for the Bogotá citizens.

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