Brazil Prison Riots: Death toll increases to 42

Rio De Janeiro: Forty-two inmates were killed at three different prisons in the capital of Brazil’s northern Amazonas state Monday, authorities reported, a day after 15 died during fighting among prisoners at a fourth prison in the same city.

The Amazonas state prison agency said all 42 prisoners found dead in Manaus on Monday showed signs of asphyxia.

These riots recall the January 2017 jail violence, in the same facility Brazil was the scene of prison riots that lasted almost 20 hours and left 56 people dead.

On Sunday, 15 inmates were killed in Amazonas state in northern Brazil on Sunday, the regional prison authority informed.

“I just spoke with (Justice) Minister Sergio Moro, who is already sending a prison intervention team to the State of Amazonas, so that he can help us in this moment of crisis and a problem that is national: the problem of prisons,” Amazonas state Gov. Wilson Lima said to Indian Express.

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