Bill Gates says he wants to marry ex-wife “All over again”

Bill Gates has opened up his thoughts on his married life and life post-divorce with Melinda French Gates. He said that his married life with ex-wife was indeed ‘great’ and if given a chance, he would definitely choose to marry her “all over again”.

The Philanthropist described the last two years of his life have been pretty dramatic with life events going for a roller-coaster ride. Surprisingly, neither Covid-19 nor his divorce has been the most affecting phase for him. His children moving out of their home has been the most affecting for him.

Bill gates and Melinda French gates are the parents to three kids- Jenner, Rory and Phoebe.

After nearly three decades of married life Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates finalized their divorce in August 2021. The couple had tied the knot in 1994 after a long dating phase of 7 years and announced their divorce in May 2021.

Gates believes that every marriage goes through a phase of transition after a certain period of time and ‘divorce’ has been that transition for him. What gives him satisfaction now is the fact that both he and Melinda are working together for their foundation without any hunch.

He admitted about being unsure about whether he has been able to come in terms with his divorce yet but he feels lucky seeing his wife and himself working together on the professional front and that they are still friends. On the impact o divorce on personal life, Bill Gates said that both he and his wife are healing from it.

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